Chie Mihara- the BEST shoes ever!

Say 'helloooo' to my new babies! Oh my god I'm so excited!
I have recently become convinced that there are no decent shoes in Australia and have started looking farther afield.. Enter Chie Mihara. Oh my god total shoe time amazingness!!!!

I fell head over heels (mind the pun) for these sweeeeet mary janes. I've spent days obsessing about them (everyone is thoroughly sick of hearing about them) They are SO perfect. Perfect shaped toe, beautifully made and by all accounts the most comfortable shoes you will ever buy. I am so hooked!

I'm loving these boots too, they are just so bloody perfect. Everything you always wanted in a boot! But now I'm a country gal I can't imagine I will get too much wear out of them. I'd a be a right hit doing school pick ups in those! Gumboots may be more appropriate.... :)

Now, how to bide my time until I receive them?


  1. Oh yes, like the heel on those very much, great for all purposes (in my case, school runs with a bit more glamour than Birkenstocks). Love Posie

  2. Mmmm. Thanks for that link... I am actively coveting!

  3. I love Chie Mihara, too. So much! Her heels are amazing. I can wear them all day. That said, I just got these cute flat sandals (couldn't resist the fringe). I also have a crush on this Chie platform sandal. It's so retro.


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