We are moving to Daylesford!

So we will be moving over the next month out the to beautiful country town of Daylesford. If it's anything like the commercial says, and I believe it is, we shall be very happy there!

So for the next month or so my blog maybe quiet or full of crazy moving tales I'm not quite sure yet, but I am very excited. The new house has an amazingly big and beautifully light studio space for me (woohooo!!!) and chook shed and vege patch ready and waiting.

So stay tuned!

Ps- how the hell do you move house with two kids?? Does anyone know?


  1. Oooh... exciting!

    Congratulations from a fellow Victorian-small-town-mover lmao.

    I have only moved with one child, twice, when she was 8 weeks old & when she was 10 months old, and in spite of my fears, both times weren't that bad, so I am hoping the same for you!!

    The obvious thing is to make sure you have ALL the essentials with you/in your car, eg, do you have something for them to sleep in or on if the removalists are late? Not to mention obvious things like toys/books to keep them occupied both on the way & once you're there, in an empty house.

    Good luck!!

  2. Sniff sniff! Don't go.... or if you must, invite me for the weekend.


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