My creative space (almost)...

Since we are in the middle of moving (from Melbourne to Daylesford in country Victoria) I currently have no 'physical' creative space.

It's all happening in my head..

I'm daydreaming about my new studio (above). Planning where everything will go and how it will look. Imagining how it will feel.
How inspired I'm going to be. It's big and light filled and it has a balcony all of it's own...

with a gorgeous country view!

Just think of all the wonderful things I'm going to create...

Oh I'm so excited and I can't wait to share the finished product with you in a few weeks! Stay tuned :)

My Creative Space is hosted by kootoyoo- pop over there to see more inspiring creative spaces :)


  1. Wow. How lucky are you! It's so beautiful and will be an amazing space.

  2. Oh it looks lovely!! Lucky you!!

  3. wow! that looks awesome! how lucky to have a space like that, very, very jealous!!

  4. Oh. My. Gosh!

    My jaw has just dropped STRAIGHT to the ground!

    It's going to be an AMAZING space & I too am jealous, jealous, jealous!!!

  5. Oh dear... what is that feeling...? There was elation and pure happiness for you, first (thank goodness!). Your studio is the most perfect space - so beautiful. But there's also a sinking feeling, a little knot of pure envy settling in the stomach now. Green and twisting! Must concentrate on being happy for you, must concentrate...! ;)
    Enjoy this wonderful space. Looking forward to seeing many more pics of your fabulous work there. K

  6. You home and view are just beautiful. What a wonderful space you will have in your new home when it's all set up. Have fun with the planning.:)

  7. That looks so beautiful and tranquil. I think you will go creatively crazy, in a good way ofcourse.

  8. No wonder you are daydreaming... that studio is amazing... as is the balcony and the view. How exciting to be moving to somewhere so beautiful, the house and Daylesford.

  9. Gorgeous space, even empty!!! I can't wait to see it stuffed with creative things...

  10. I am quite happy for you and your soon to be creative space but, I will admit just a touch of pure green envy as well. Best of luck with all the move!

  11. Ah thank you lovelies, you've made me even more excited!!
    If only we were packed and moved already!

  12. WOW! The new place/space is going to be amazing.


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