My new bike...

Oh how I have longed and pined and wished for a beautiful vintage bike for what seems like eons. I have been following this gorgeous Californian vintage bike blog, Riding Pretty and it certainly did nothing to diminish this desperate longing. I harped on endlessly about how I didn't have a bike... I needed a bike!

So a while back Adam found this one...

in a clients back yard and was going to restore it for me. Months later however I looked around at the many and varied unfinished or yet to be begun restoration projects and came to the sad conclusion that it would probably never happen.

So took the matter into my own hands and consulted the great purchasing oracle that is Ebay. There I found my beautiful new bike at an absolute bargain price... here she is...

I'm so in love. She is from The Indian Bicycle Shop in St Kilda and was only ridden a handful of times by her previous owner. She is so comfortable and cruisy.... a total state of mind, just like my car, the Volkwagen Caravelle Van (the modern woman's Kombi)!

I would love to get her some of these gorgeous panniers from London's CycleChic, but I will have to put a kiddie seat on the back for wee Charlie. So I will stick with a standard wicker front basket.

All that's left then is to give her a name and bring on spring baby wee are off and cruisin' in the sunshine.... yeeeha!


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