The latest addition to the family...

I've been busy little bee... sewing and crafting like mad to get ready for the Made in Thornbury Market. Not mention looking after kidlets and generally trying to enjoy life.
I often feel frustrated at how limited my time is these days... there are so many things I want to do and often I want to post about about the millions of ideas I have and the projects I'm working on but it's usually more important to actually work on the projects than blog about them! I wish I had more time to post more often... I really do. Perhaps this week I will make more of an effort!

Anyhoo, the past weekend was devoted doll making... and though I had the entire day Saturday and grand plans of making 5 dolls, I finished up with one complete doll.

Her name is Madeline (SOLD). You can see more about her here if you like.

I also slipped in a visit to Camberwell market on Sunday. I acquired this gorgeous vintage fabric child's nursery rhyme book which I'm going to make into either little bags or t-shirts. I LOVE Camberwell!


  1. OK, only ONE doll, but she is a Madeline bundle of perfection...


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