Recently finished experiments...

At the moment I am exploring different clays and how they behave. Trying to learn the ways of the clay is a mammoth task. So many different clays, and endless combinations and uses! Not to mention glazes. Wow. 

These are few things that I am happy with from the most recent firing. The jug up the top being my favourite. I'm really loving the combination of iron rich clay and porcelain left bare. I will definitely be continuing along that line.

I'm also really loving using some porcelain to get back into some jewellery making. I forgot how much I loved putting pieces together to form a necklace, just the right combination, just the right balance.

You can find these guys up in my etsy shop. These necklaces are on chains which are 18ct gold plated over sterling silver, which makes them a bit more luxe. I will also make some up shortly on braided leather, if you prefer that option, stay tuned.

The brooch is porcelain too and actually formed over the lid of a vintage Tupperware container. The I love the Tupperware lady brooch 😍. 

And lastly, here is the vase from the woodfiring in action. Bringing some colour to these bleak winters days, it's really doing quite a good job I think! Xx


  1. The best thing in the world is watching some who LOVES what they are doing.
    Yay! x


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