We are in!

It's true! We are here finally, living in the strawhouse and it is just marvellous :) after a two week rest and recovery period I can truthfully say its been worth all the stress and hard work.
The journey from 1860 (when our last house was built) to 2013 has been a blast and holy moly what a difference insulation and passive solar design make! We've only had our fire on once and that was to dry our shoes! Believe me, where we live that is nothing short of a miracle!! We have seriously been mostly walking around in t-shirts! So  many exclamation marks in this post, my apologies...
Anyway we are slowly unpacking and sorting and organising and playing around with some decor, it's so much fun and I'm sure there will be many more posts and pics to come. But here are a few of the parts that are un-unpacking land enough to photograph. Big love to you all xx


  1. Awesome! Great news and great pics. Can't wait to see more of your amazing house.

  2. Absolutely Stunning.....so happy for you that the long journey has come to such an awesome end :)) Beautiful

  3. I haven't visited your blog in quite a while.. I was so happy when i clicked in today to see that your straw house was complete! Congratulations!! Looking forward to seeing more home photos.

  4. such a beautiful view from your window, pleased to meet you! Heather


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