The strawhouse is coming along in leaps and bounds now that we've finally moved on from Christmas- ugh let me tell you that holiday is no good for house building! I think it's set us back about a month, but it's all systems go now to try and get to lock up. The first coats of render are on and there's a lot of mud being slung about as corners and edges are sculpted. It's so beautiful to see the details coming to life!
The windows have been another set back and as anyone who watches grand designs will tell you, it's always the windows! Hopefully they will arrive on Friday- only four weeks late.
Water is proving to be our other issue right now. It's not rained for weeks and trying to keep my trees alive (and leave enough water to make mud) has become a daily battle. Has the drought returned after just a brief reprieve? I hope not.
C 'mon rain, we need you!


  1. It has been really fun to watch your progress over the past couple years. I've been reading since you were plotting your handmade wedding :-)
    So inspiring to see your dreams become real!

  2. Yeah baby!! Straw house is looking AWESOME - mmmm, those rounded edges :)
    You guys are making fantastic progress considering the whole Christmas go-slow - but the GLAZING!!! Kevin could tell you all about it...
    Can't wait to get up and check it out! xxx to you all.


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