Hello December

As of this weekend we will no longer have the Internet. Or a dishwasher. Or a washing machine. Real first world problems! The he he. We are moving into a 150 year old miners cottage, with a rambling Beatrix Potteresque garden that meanders down to the forest. I feel like we're going on one of those reality tv shows where they go back to the 1800's and have to live like the pioneers would have.

I'm hoping it will be fun and interesting. The cottage is tiny, and Im hoping living in such close quarters will be bonding and special. We are only taking a box of stuff and a suitcase each and I'm hoping the lack of 'stuff' will make up for the lack of mod cons. I hope my chickens survive the move as their new enclosure is rather rustic and probably not entirely fox proof. I hope the kids don't find the move too unsettling and they embrace pioneer living with joy. I guess I'd better be sure to model exactly that!

And meanwhile the straw house keeps moving along. Heres a few recent pics and one of the half built fort / sandpit/ pirate ship. The bales are in and trimmed and straight and pinned in place. The finishing touches being applied ready for a couple of coats of render before Christmas. Next is the tricky nitty gritty of the detailing- the kitchen design, tiles, taps, doors, lights- decisions decisions! Night after night nutting out designs. Oh I really am very tired.

But a few more months and we should be living in our new home and it will all have been worth it! I imagine the contrast from old miners cottage to brand new strawbale should be quite astounding!

Wish us luck friends! I hope December is treating you well so far ;) do you have big plans for the final month of 2012?


  1. Wow. The whole space is really starting to take shape. Wishing you plenty of luck.


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