The straw house progress....

 Last weekend had a working be down at the straw house. The aim was to do as much as we could of the stacking of the bales for the external walls. We had 450 bales delivered to unload and stack. Lucky we had a few big strong men to help! Also fortunate was the fact that we had a roof, which was put on just two days before!

That's our living room full of bales. The truck that delivered the bales. The bottom plates full of scoria, and some of the aforementioned big strong men doing their thing.

There was measuring, squashing, tying, cutting and stacking of bales. That's me and the big boy taking care of the very important and highly skilled task of sweeping up the stray straw so that it didn't catch on fire.

There was a LOT of chainsawing. (very loud).

A tribe of children.

and of course a bbq at the end of it all to celebrate!

 And this is how the walls looked when we finished!

Boy were we exhausted at the end of  two full days of action. I think I actually passed out at about 7.30 on the Sunday night and told the big boy he'd have to put himself to bed! In fact I think I'm still recovering. Once again I am humbled and oh so grateful for our friends who came to help and this amazing community in which we live. I'm so very looking forward to spending the rest of my life here... :) 
PS- I love you already straw house.


  1. It looks beautiful those strawbale walls....oh how exciting!!!

    1. Thank you!! Yes it is so darn exciting- it's getting so close now the suspense is becoming unbearable!

  2. You must be so excited Tania - I am thrilled for you and your little family. It's going to be awesome when it's finished, I love the look of it already. Your new hone is going to be beautiful x

    1. YES!!!! SO excited. The excitement is tempered by packing though as we have to move in a couple of weeks.... ugh I hate packing! With regards to the look, we had Mr Lovely's cousin come up and help and he said he kept driving past it because he thought it was too cool to be our house! I think that's a compliment?

    2. def cool Tania and def a compliment.
      I see a little spelling mistake up there, but I know you know, I was talking about your amazing new home, not hone. Oh, and all that packing will be worth it - just look at your reward!

  3. It's looking like a real house now.
    Great photos, you will look back in years to come and be amazed at the transformation.

    1. Yep! A blog is such a great record for something like this :)

  4. Woot! How good!

    Is there nothing you can't do with a chainsaw?

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