Welcome Earthside #3

Otis Thierry!
Born Saturday 7th May at 1.54am safely at home, into water.
Not the girl I was expecting, but gorgeous and healthy none the less!
He weighed 3.6 kilos and has already out grown two clothes sizes and put on about a kilo! Liquid gold is my milk!

And here he is modelling his mama's knitting. As well as being cute, the pea pod turned out to be really useful as well... he loves sleeping snuggled up in it. Easy to knit too :)

Oh happy happy times :)


  1. He is delightful and I love his name. He was born on my daughter's birthday!!

  2. Hello Otis! What gorgeous dark hair. Keep warm, little bug!

  3. Hi, so beautiful baby! Congrats...from romulyyli-riitta.

  4. Oh my goodness, you have no idea how much I've been dying to see your little one tucked up in his cocoon. Divine. I'm coming over in the next few days to see him and smell him for real. xx

  5. Hello Otis ... Aren't you a cutie.
    Congratulations - just so exciting!

  6. What a beautiful pea in his pod. Congratulations. x


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