I've missed you blog!

My favourite pic of the summer- Charlie and Daddy lovin the lake :)

Gosh I've not blogged in so long. I've been so busy! We moved house (during torrential rain and flooding), which was a feat of endurance to say the least. Been busy unpacking & settling in while enjoying the occasional sunny afternoon at the lake.
 And we still haven't tackled the wedding photos.

It's been so long since I've blogged that I kinda forgot why I do it and I was wondering if I'd continue ya know? I'm sure all bloggers have that feeling sometimes right? Especially when you are trying to fit in so much in your daily life. Then the beautiful Kate from Foxs Lane reminded me the other night on the way home from Stitch & Bitch why we do it (well why she does it, and I agree with her). It's to keep a record of what we are doing/planning/creating/designing/experiencing/acheiving. To have a permanent record of all those things you are thinking and learning- the cute things your kids say that you eventually forget. Like the other day when Charlie (2) said to a friend 'I have a man called Daddy, he's at work' :)

Celebrating the settlement of our block of land :)

I use my blog a lot to keep me focused, to plan and stay on track- and believe me, this year, I'm gonna need it! Our third baby will be born in around ten weeks, hopefully safely and ecstatically at home. We are designing and owner building a straw bale house- hoping to have it finished around the end of the year. Then there is always the myriad of other projects and plans we have in store for ourselves. Bottling all the fruit dripping from the trees, learning to knit, planning my permaculture paradise on our block, learning to espalier, planting my wind break, designing my dream kitchen, taking my son fishing, cooking, eating, growing and nurturing my family.

So this year will be filled with all sorts of stuff, and realistically I'm not sure how much time I'm going to have blog about it, but I'd really like to try and keep a record of this absolutely inspired and exciting time in our lives.Yay for 2011- hope it's going great for you so far :)


  1. This is why I blog too Tania, to keep a record of my life. It's a good place to start from I think, I try to stay focussed on that and don't worry about the rest. I can't keep up with visiting other blogs too much but it is nice to pop in when I can. Your year sounds fabulous and busy and happy, I hope you have lots of laughs & loving along the way. Great to see you back in blogland and I LOVE that top photo, it's amazing xo

  2. Hi Tania,
    Lovely to have you back!! What exciting plans you have for 2011 - best wishes.


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