Back to the future

After a month of packing, moving, cleaning and upacking....
plus a month of having no phone, television or internet...

I'm back :)

So much to catch up on!
Moving to the country has been the most fantastical ride so far.

Things I'm loving:
Decorating my new house.
Yummy fresh local produce.
The birds... so many birds. Rosellas, King Parrots, Cockatoos, pretty little Finches and my favourite the big feisty Kurrawong.
Watching the amazing Maple and Oak trees in front of my house growing their summer leaves.
The way the person at the table next to you in the cafe will just start talking you like you are old friends.
There is a market of some kind on every day of every weekend.
My new studio.
Seeing the kidlets so happy.
Feeling so relaxed....

It's idyllic to say the least.

I even love that when I put the rubbish bin out I have to put $8- in coins under the bin! So quaint...

So we are almost unpacked and orgainsed, then it's time to get crafty in my new studio. I have so many ideas already!


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