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The Imagine Lovely Studio Tour

Its been three years between posts. True. Three years! Geez that time has seriously flown.  I've been so busy learning and making and trying to balance my passion and excitement about ceramics with my family and my home commitments...  I just didn't have time to write! Now my youngest child bless his beautiful heart has started school and I am beginning to enjoy a bit more spaciousness in my work life. And I'm looking forward to doing more writing and journaling of my process. So I thought I would start with this series of beautiful photos shot by the lovely Ali of Smith & Archer . Ali came to shoot me working in my home studio which was actually the 'guest mudroom' of our strawbale home. After exactly none of our friends used the proposed guest mudroom (they all came around the side and walked straight in the glass sliding door) it didn't take me long to take over this little cosy space. It has a beaut

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